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Thermal Hotel ****Celldömök

The project includes the Hotel, thermal bath, Camping, new real estate block called Volcano Villlage. 

 The total project investment amount is USD 35,15 Million.

The main stages of development:

Phase -1 : USD 13.05 Million (Hotel, Camping, Spa operating rights, Vulcan Village site and project purchase price)

Phase -2: USD 3.21 million ( Development of the spa, energy independence, planning, marketing )

Phase -3 : USD 16.49 Million (total construction cost of Vulcan Village, can be split into 5 additional phases, each phase can be operated independently)

Phase -4 : USD 2.4 Million ( cost of infrastructure and ancillary elements to link the whole development into a single entity )

The total development will take 3 years to complete, of which the first year will be spent on design, getting permits and the second and third years on construction.

Of course, the units already in operation ( Hotel , Camping , Spa ) can continue to operate , the development will not force them to close even temporarily.


Hotel and Camping :

existing, operating hotel: 44% occupancy, 48 USD/person, EBITDA : 573.000 USD

Jufa camping :

41% occupancy, 20 USD/person, EBITDA : 198.000 USD

Vulkán Spa :

no result for the spa as a stand-alone entity, EBITDA : 0.0  

Volcano Village :

48% occupancy, 38 USD/person, EBITDA :1.790.000 USD


Pessimistically calculated total EBITDA : 2.561.000 USD/year

The above cumulative value corresponds to an annual return (ROI) of 7.3% on the total capital of the development.

In another, cautiously realistic calculation with an occupancy rate of 60% and prices increased by 10%, (given that fixed costs do not vary with turnover and variable costs vary only minimally), will increase the calculated EBITDA and therefore the gain significantly.

A conservatively realistic calculation of EBITDA : 3.626.023 USD

In this case, the annual return (ROI) is 10.32% calculated on the amount of capital invested in the development.

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